How to make your home into a great office

How to make your home into a great office

As we start our gradual but significant return to normality following 2020 there are a few things that are unlikely to change massively from the pandemic due to the fact that they actually work better than they did before.

One of those is working from home. Many larger businesses have now confirmed that they have no plans to ask their employees to return to the office full time again as they did pre-COVID-19.

The likelier outcome will be that many businesses introduce blended working where employees can choose how much they’d like to work from home and from the office, chopping and changing as suited to them.

It brings a range of benefits with it, namely a reduction in travel costs and travel time as well as improved mental health.

That being said, not everybody has an appropriate home or living space to be able to create a productive working area where they can concentrate and have the peace required to work effectively.

Surge in rental applications

Recently estate agents and landlords have been reporting one of their busiest periods ever, with many people looking for new rental accommodation.

One of the reasons behind that is certainly the anticipation that society has seen a significant shift towards home working and spending more time at home more generally.

Your living area is set to become one of the most important parts of your life over the coming years and this is the same for people all over the country looking for new rental property, so the advice is to get started quickly to avoid the rush.

If you’re in the process of looking with the anticipation that you’re going to be working from your new home for the foreseeable future, then we’re going to give you some tips of how to set up a great home office.

Your new home office

  1. First and foremost, use social media responsibly. Ok so there’s some great Pinterest accounts that look perfect but take it one step at a time, the aim isn’t to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds getting brand new equipment in all at once, we’re aiming for a gradual change. Concentrate on a good desk and comfortable chair and take it from there.
  2. Embrace natural light. Out of instinct you might want to put your desk straight against a wall or in the darkest corner of the room but by doing that you’re recreating being in work for real rather than embracing working from home. Pop your desk next to the window!
  3. Use your storage as economically as possible. Filing cabinets look hideous, for example, so if you’re shopping for storage perhaps have a look for bookcases or home styled furniture instead that can act as storage that doesn’t make your office look like a 1980’s throwback.
  4. Think about where you’re going to relax when taking breaks. That might not be in your home office but if you’re intending to create some relaxing space, a bean bag or comfy chair could help.
  5. Greenery will be your friend and lift your mood, too. A few plants can add colour, a nice smell and a mood lifter to your day.

Finally, ensure that when you’re looking for new property that you identify where your office will be and what sort of size you’re working with.

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