Is it worth moving in with somebody?

Is it worth moving in with somebody?

This is a broad and somewhat all encompassing question, however, it’s a question that thousands of people will be asking themselves as they consider whether to take the next step with a partner, or to move in with a friend or family member.

Many will be looking at an opportunity to move away from home for the first time, either as a house share or with a friend.

The big question, however, more sensibly asked is ‘is it really worth moving in with somebody else?’

So, we’re going to break this down for you into a few sections. First, there’s the question of finances, secondly, there’s the question of sharing your living space with somebody else and, finally, tips on how to get along with house mates.

Ok, so this is actually a pretty simple one. The more people you live with, the cheaper your bills will be.

There’s no secret formula to that, but firstly your rent is split at least in half, as well as your main overheads such as council tax, gas and electricity.

On the whole, from a financial perspective, it really does make total sense to move in with friends, a partner or a roommate.

Now, this is a different matter. This may boil down to your personality and how you like to have your living space.

If you’re somebody who like things a certain way, or you’re quite particular, then it may take some adjusting. Similarly, if you’re laid back and a bit of mess doesn’t bother you too much, then it may get some getting used to living somebody that isn’t the same as you.

What’s really key when looking to share your living space with somebody is that you’re honest and open about your expectations from each other. If you’re a bit obsessive about cleanliness, you may need to compromise a little, and vice versa if you’re more laid back, you may need to be willing to be a bit tidier to make things tick along better.

When it comes to a harmonious living arrangement, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, it makes sense to draw up some house rules. Does your roommate prefer that the food in the fridge is separated? Can you agree on a time that you won’t play music beyond? Draw up some expectations.

Draw up a tidying schedule. The jobs around the house will need doing, and to prevent resentment, it’s worth allocating the jobs out straight away so you know who does what. Do the dishes need doing three times a week? Draw up a schedule.

Finally, when it comes to finding a rental property, it’s worth you discussing with your roommate or partners what you all want from a new house and what you all need. If one person would prefer a garden, and one would really like an en-suite bathroom, then draw a list.

With rental property being so popular at the moment you may find that you’ll struggle to find suitable property quickly, but you can address this by speaking to an estate agent early and setting our your expectations so that they can recommend properties available locally as well as keeping their eye on the market to let you know of anything coming available soon.

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