Micro apartments – the new trend

Micro apartments – the new trend

When looking for a rental property it is not uncommon to have a tick list of property ‘must have’s’ with things like parking, storage space, a second bedroom and a modern décor all featuring. And whilst most of us would put space as a pretty high must have for a rental property – this might be beginning to change.

A new trend in apartments is hitting the global property landscape, with people opting to live in so called ‘micro apartments’. Micro apartments are studios which are generally under 32-sqaure-metrers in size and contain everything a normal apartment would, but packed into a small space.

While studio spaces and bed sits are often considered low on the wish list for renters, the new craze of purpose built micro apartments have become somewhat of a design feat, with architects and interior designers sharing fantastic examples of micro living – making them one of the most popular modern day architectural trends.

Around the world plans that utilise space with smart furniture, quirky sleeping spaces and even sliding walls have grasped the interest of renters, first time buyers and development companies who all recognise the benefits of these miniature homes. Often cheaper to rent (and buy), micro apartments are leading the way in the private rental sector in place like Hong Kong and New York where space to build is hard to come by.

Micro apartments – done properly – can offer an enviable city centre location, stylish and modern design and ample living space.

Is this the answer we have all been waiting for when it comes to city centre housing demand? The jury is out for now, but with space in urban centres at a minimum and demand off the charts, micro apartments may be the way forward.

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