New year new you? The most popular new year’s resolutions

New year new you? The most popular new year’s resolutions

Apologies for the cliched headline, but that’s the expression, right?

We’d probably all like to think that we’re able to change when we need to so that we can improve our lives, but then how many of us have had to make the same new year’s resolutions more than once or twice?

There’s something quite alluring about the idea of a popular starting point for a potentially fulfilling and life-changing resolution that you actually keep to, right?

It’s certainly not impossible, and new research suggests nearly 4 in 10 people are able to stick to their new year’s resolutions if they’re able to make them into a new habit.

We also know that moving house is one of the main activities that people undertake in the new year, and as one of the UK’s leading agents we take a huge amount of enquiries over that time.

With all that said, we’ve done a bit of research and discovered the top two resolutions that people make.

Exercising more and losing weight

It’s quite a broad term, but a vast majority of people in the UK that are looking to make a change in the new year are interested in increasing their overall fitness, doing more exercise and losing some weight.

According to Statista, almost half of people making new year’s resolutions said that they wanted to exercise more, with 47% adding it to their list.

In a broader sense, but very much within the same journey, 44% said they’d like to lose some weight in the new year as they aim to improve themselves.

Anybody that’s a regular attendee of a gym can tell you that things get significantly busier in the new year, and in January things can be extremely hectic for new members.

If you’re looking to improve your health then don’t forget not to set yourself unrealistic goals of looking like a movie star within three months, it simply isn’t going to happen. Set achievable goals for each month of how much you’d like to lose/improve and measure yourself on small incremental improvements.

Saving money

This could arguably mean a few different things, whether that’s putting money away into some sort of savings or investment or reducing costs on bills and everyday items.

Whatever it is that British people want to do with their money, just under a third feel like they need to save some money along the way according to the same statistics.

Things such as comparison sites for your insurance, utilities and broadband can certainly help with this, as well as using the budgeting features that many of the mainstream banks now offer with their apps and software.

Another way to look to save money is moving house if you’re renting your property. First and foremost you may be able to get a better deal on the rent you’re paying monthly, but also many people forget there are other ways to save money.

For example, if you move closer to your place of work or your children’s school or nursery, this can translate into big savings with the cost of travel. Another example is looking for more energy efficient properties to bring down the cost of heating and lighting your home over the year, as well as moving to somewhere with cheaper council tax.

If you’re looking to move home and save some money in the new year, get in touch today.

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