Tenants reveal their wishlist for rental properties and the biggest things which put them off

Tenants reveal their wishlist for rental properties and the biggest things which put them off

High rental costs mean that young renters are more than four times as likely to prioritise finding a cheap rental home than one with access to nightlife, shops and restaurants, according to a survey of over 2,000 tenants across the UK.

Affordability was revealed as the most important factor for renters of all ages in the survey conducted by Intus Lettings, which paints a clear picture for landlords of which characteristics could make a property stand out to would-be tenants.

Only eight per cent of renters prioritised nearby amenities, bars and restaurants or public transport links as a driving force behind their decision on a tenancy, compared to over 40 per cent naming low costs as the most important factor.

In terms of individual features of a home, the most frequent characteristic which renters look for is outdoor space, as nearly half (46 per cent) named a garden, terrace or balcony as the feature they’d desire most in a property.

Meanwhile over 40 per cent of renters would be put off by a property without a parking space, while almost a quarter (24 per cent) were deterred by dated interiors.

Where renters look to find a home varies widely by age group, as more than a third (34 per cent) of 18-24-year olds strive to live in city centre apartments, whereas over-35s named a house in a smaller town as their ideal location.

Hope McKendrick, Lettings Manager at Intus Lettings said: “Our figures seem to suggest that renters first and foremost seek practicality over certain features which have traditionally been seen as desirable – especially to younger tenants – such as nearby shops and restaurants or a vibrant nightlife.

“With high rental costs across the UK, many young renters may be forced to prioritise a property which works around their budget and daily routine, as tenants flock to homes which provide ample parking or easy access to city centre jobs or studies.

Hope added: “We’re seeing a clear trend towards a generation of practical renters – those looking for a convenient, modern-feeling home rather than exciting but potentially costly surroundings.”

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