The furloughed staff using their skills for home improvement

The furloughed staff using their skills for home improvement

Home improvement has never been more popular. It’s hardly surprising in many ways that with not very much else to do, most have turned their attention to improving their homes whilst they’ve got an unprecedented amount of spare time.

One of the most commonly shared feelings across the lockdown period must surely be the guilt of not using this period to do more useful things with our free time.

Whether it was Joe Wicks getting up early every morning to take our kids through their PE classes, or the insufferable Instagram stories of people baking bread and painting pictures by numbers, it was almost impossible to get away from.

There were, of course, many positives to being able to spend so much time at home if you were in the fortunate position of having a hobby, or having taken up a new interest and, by all accounts, it must be said there was something quite satisfying about receiving furlough whilst pursuing things that we actively enjoy, even if that involved numerous Netflix binges.

With a new winter lockdown looking likely to last in some form through into the spring, The Telegraph are reporting that DIY retailers now expect more than a third of people in the UK to plan a home improvement project.

If that doesn’t include you, then try not to feel too guilty if you’re joining us in reacquainting yourselves with some box sets, however, some are taking it even further.

Climate change action

Theatre workers in the Greater Manchester area are using their spare time to re-train and find new employment in upgrading local homes in the fight against climate change.

As reported by The Guardian, “Stage hands, technicians and joiners from theatres and live venues across Manchester and the north-west are using their skills to retrofit homes in the region, installing insulation, fitting windows and upgrading heating systems.

The scheme was set up by Andrew Glassford, 29, who had worked as a sound engineer before the pandemic hit. He said: “I am really proud and pleased with what we have achieved, just for the fact that I have been able to get my friends work that is meaningful, that helps them but also helps tackle the climate crisis.”

Property boom

This story speaks deeply about how important property and people’s living situations have become in this unprecedented year. Never has it felt more important to make the most of the space that we occupy.

Aside from that, never has there been more demand for high quality living space across the UK. You’ve probably already read that estate agents are facing huge demand from people looking to upgrade their rented living space, and competition is getting fierce.

The chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a number of measures to help renters such as rent breaks if necessary, increases in Universal Credit, and the extension of the furlough scheme for workers that aren’t yet able to return to work.

With many young professionals driving the demand for quality Private Rental Sector housing, it’s now becoming more apparent than ever that we’re set to be spending more time at home in the coming weeks and months, and that appears to have translated into people looking to improve their living situation.

Whether that’s with a spot of DIY improvement, or looking to move to bigger accommodation, the demand and focus has been rising sharply. One thing to keep in mind is that there’s little reason to believe that demand and competition will decrease next year, so if you’ve got your eye on that property that you’re looking to move to, now might be the time to make the move.

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