Emergency Information

We hope you are enjoying your home, but sometimes things go wrong during a tenancy and need fixing straight away. The following emergency information is designed to help you do just that.


Unfortunately, you may find yourself in an uncommon emergency situation which will require you to act quickly and safety before contacting our office. Here are a few contact numbers which may be useful:

  • National Grid (Gas)

    National Grid (gas) - 0800 111 999 - If you smell gas then please contact the National Grid to have them attend and check the property over. National Grid will advice you of safety precautions to take until they attend, but the most obvious ones are:

    ! Don't use any appliances or switch anything on/off

  • National Grid (Electricity)

    National Grid (electric) - 0800 404 090 - if you lose all electric power, please call the National Grid on this number.

  • Water Supply

    If you lose your water supply, you should contact your local water supplier. If you are unsure of which provider that is, please visit www.water.org.uk/consumers/find-your-supplier.

  • Break-in / Robbery

    If you suffer a break-in / robbery, then the first thing to do is contact the emergency services on 999 and report the matter to them. Make sure to have the property checked over an get a crime reference number from the attending officer as this will be used for any insurance claims.


If your property is managed by Intus Lettings then all maintenance issues should be reported directly to us. We will then log the incident and liaise with the landlord and respond to the issue accordingly. Some common issues include:

  • Water Leaks

    If you find yourself with a leak that cannot be quickly contained, we advise you to turn off your water supply via the stop cock valve located under the kitchen sink or next to the boiler. Following that, please contact us for assistance.

  • No Hot Water / Water Pressure

    More often than not, if you have no hot water the issue is to do with a loss of pressure in the boiler. The pressure can be checked using the dial located on the front of the boiler and has to be on or around 1.15 bar. If the pressure is less than this and you have no hot water, this is likely the cause. The pressure can be easily topped up using the small taps under the boiler, but if you are not familiar doing this please contact our office on the emergency contact number.

  • Gerneral Maintenance

    As stated within your tenancy agreement, it is a tenant's responsibility to maintain the property overall including cleanliness and wear and tear issues. Specific examples of this include changing lightbulbs. upkeeping decor and maintaining gardens. If you are unsure about whether anything in particular is included in the tenancy agreement, please contact our office.

  • Emergency Maintenance Issues

    If you need to contact us with an emergency maintenance issue out of office hours, our emergency number can be obtained by ringing your Intus Lettings branch:

    ! Manchester - 0161 641 4760

    ! Lytham St Annes - 01253 978178

    ! Ilkeston - 0115 784 3570

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