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Want to let your property? We can help you cover the legalities, property management and marketing

Professional property management

Listing your property for rent is only one part of being a landlord. Just as important is ensuring you have the right legal documentation completed, have the support in place to manage your property and are able to market it effectively.

Whether you want a full property management service or only need a few small bits of help to fill in the gaps, Intus Lettings has the experience to help. Have a look through our available services and pick and choose the ones you need in order to let your property.

Why choose Intus Lettings?

Property Management

Property Management

Furniture Packages

Do you need to furnish your property before a tenant moves in? Have a look at our furniture packages here.

Rent & Deposit Collection

The financial admin associated with letting a property can be a headache - but Intus Lettings can help.

Inspection & Rent Review

Regular inspections and rent reviews ensure your property is being treated well and you are getting the optimum level of rent.


A full inventory is vital for any landlord to help the tenancy go as smoothly as possible.

Tenant Check-out

The final check-out process should be completed immediately and with the tenant present.

Tenant Check-in

Every tenancy starts with a formal check-in which takes place before the tenant moves in.

Advertising / Marketing

Intus Lettings Advertising / Marketing


First impressions are everything, meaning that getting the pictures right is so important.


Arranging and carrying out viewings is a time-consuming process which can be frustrating for landlords.

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