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Have a question about letting out a property? The answers to the most commonly asked questions are here.
  • I'm a non-resident landlord, what UK taxes do I need to pay?


    As a VAT-registered organisation, we are required by law to charge VAT on all services we provide. This is charged at 20% and applies to all our clients worldwide.

    Income Tax

    As a non-resident landlord, we must deduct the UK basic rate tax of 20% on your rental income net of all our charges.

    However, if applicable, I would strongly advise that you fill out an NRL1 form and send this to HMRC office here in the UK. If HMRC accept your application, they will instruct us to stop deducting the 20% basic rate tax.

    You can find more information about UK tax for non-resident landlords and the NRL1 form on the GOV.UK website by clicking here.

    To complete the NRL form, you will need the following information:

    Letting Agent Name: Intus Lettings Ltd

    Letting Agent Address: Suite A, 2nd Floor, Osprey House, The Nest, Broadway, Salford, M50 2UE

    Letting Agent Reference: 904/NA 055660

    Letting Agent Email address:

    Letting Agent Phone Number: 0330 134 0155

  • Whi is liable for the council tax?

    Tenants are liable for council tax unless you choose to include this in the rent. Tenants are also liable for other costs such as utilities, TV licence and broadband and telephone.

  • What is an EPC and why do I need one?

    An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which shows how energy efficient a property is. An EPC is valid for 10 years and is required for any home - whether it is a new build or an existing property - which is being let out to a tenant.

    Since April 2018, all landlords have had to ensure their rental properties reach a minimum EPC rating of E before a new tenancy is granted. From the 1st April 2020, this now applies to all privately rented properties, regardless of whether there is a change with the tenancy agreement or not.

    Any properties with an EPC below an E rating now needs to be actioned as a matter of urgency. If you need a valid EPC then get in touch today!

    You can purchase an EPC via Intus Lettings if you do not currently have a valid certificate.

  • Will I be able to enter my property while it's tenanted?

    You can enter your property during a tenancy, but only under certain conditions. In accordance with the Housing Act 1998, either you or your letting agent must notify the tenant in writing at least 24 hours before you enter the property. The visit must be planned at a reasonable time of day and must be conducted for a viable reason related to the tenancy, for instance a scheduled inspection of the property. The tenant has the right to have an independent witness present for the visit if they choose.

    You cannot enter for no reason as the tenant is guaranteed the right to live undisturbed and with privacy, and they have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home.

  • What if the tenant damages my property?

    If the tenant damages your property, they will either have to pay for damages up front or it will come out of their deposit at the end of their tenancy, minus anything classed as reasonable wear and tear.

  • What if the tenant doesn't pay rent?

    ​If a tenant doesn’t pay rent then we will chase them by phone and send three letters in succession to try and resolve the issue. If a tenant goes into two months’ arrears we will issue a Section 8 eviction notice and go through that process. You will be kept up to date throughout.

  • Do landlords need to pay tax on rental income?

    ​Yes, all landlords are liable to pay taxes on their rental income. You can find full details on the HMRC website.

  • What will happen to my tenant's deposit?

    ​It is a legal requirement for us, a lettings agent, to put any deposit from a tenant into a government authorised deposit scheme. At Intus, we are a member of the Deposit Protection Service and the deposit will be held securely by them. Deposit protection schemes are used to protect both you and the tenant should any dispute regarding the tenancy occur at the end of the tenancy.

  • How will I receive my rental income?

    If you opt for our let-only service, you will have to collect the rent directly. If you opt for our fully-managed service, we’ll collect the rent from your tenant and send it to you minus any fees and maintenance costs at agreed intervals.

  • How will I know how much rent to charge?

    We will begin by valuing your property and then tell you how much rent you should be able to achieve based on similar local properties. From this, we can work out your achievable rental yield.

  • How much do you charge for management services?

    All details of our management services, including fees, can be found on our landlord’s page.

  • Do I have to use your full management service?

    No, we also offer a let-only service which includes the valuation and advertising of your property, viewings, tenant referencing and preparing the tenancy agreement. Many landlords opt for this kind of service because they prefer to maintain the property and deal with tenants directly.

    If the let-only service is more comprehensive than you need, we also offer a range of property management services and you are welcome to pick and choose which services you require.

  • What's included in the Intus Lettings service?

    ​If you have your property fully managed by Intus Lettings, we take care of all aspects of the tenancy for you. This includes the initial rental valuation, advertising, viewings, deposit protection, referencing, preparing tenancy agreements, inventory, rent collection, maintenance and inspections.

  • Why should I use a letting agency?

    One of the major benefits of using a letting agency is that it allows you to take a step back and create a professional distance between landlord and tenant. It also allows us to act on behalf of the landlords should any issues arise such as payment disputes or maintenance issues. Using a letting agency makes your buy to let property a hands-off investment.

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