Are you allowed pets in a rental property? 

Are you allowed pets in a rental property? 

This is a question that comes up quite often for those hoping to rent a property, and we’re here to answer it. Keep on reading to find out the answer to, are you allowed pets in a rental property?

Choosing to own a pet

Owning a pet is a big commitment and is something that you should take your time considering whether you are renting or living in your own property. Pets need a lot of care and you must ensure that you can provide this care as a responsible pet owner.

Are you allowed pets in a rental property?

Whether or not you are allowed pets in your rental property is up to your landlord. Some properties may be more suited to responsible pet ownership than others. For example, owning a dog may not be suitable in a flat as there is no direct route outside.

If you have a pet before you begin looking for a property, you must ensure that you only look at properties that specifically allow pets. The property description may state this, or you might need to ask the property management company yourself about the rules on renting with pets. You may be required to pay more in tenancy deposits or tenant fees too, to ensure landlords are protected from pet damage.

If you plan to get a pet in the future, you will need to consider your living conditions. You cannot rent a property with a pet without your landlord’s permission. Doing so without permission could lead to eviction as it breaks the terms of the rental agreement and contract. This could make it harder for you to rent a property in the future, which may already be difficult for pet owners.

Why might my landlord not allow pets?

There are many reasons why your landlord may not allow pets in their rental property. Here are some of the most common reasons.

  • The property is not big enough for a pet
  • A pet may damage the property or its furnishings
  • To prevent pet allergies in a rented property
  • There is a ‘no pet’ clause within the property

If your landlord does not allow you to have a pet, you must follow their rules and regulations. The rules for supporting responsible pet ownership will be outlined in your tenancy agreement.

What happens if my pet damages something in my rental property?

Usually, if pets are allowed in a rental property, then more insurance is required. Having pet insurance for the property can help to cover costs if items or the building is damaged.

If your pet does cause damage to something within the property, you must be honest with your landlord and property management company. Being honest will lead to a much more favourable outcome for you.

What is the Renters Reform Bill?

The Renters Reform Bill is in the process of being rolled out and means that the rules are more fair for those with pets. The new bill introduces more rules for landlords and tenants.

  • Tenants must have the right to ask landlords for permission to own pets – this should be completed through a written pet request.
  • Landlords must consider the written request for pets and only use refuse on reasonable grounds – they cannot unreasonably withhold consent.
  • Tenants have the ability to challenge the landlord’s decision using a private rented sector ombudsman.
  • Tenants must provide evidence of insurance for their pets in case any damage occurs.
  • Private landlords must provide their response to the request within 42 days, unless more time is requested. You should keep hold of the landlord’s written permission for your pet in rented accommodation.

We hope this blog has been helpful regarding keeping pets in a rental property. As a quality property management company, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding rental regulations. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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