What are the benefits of professional photography for your rental home?

What are the benefits of professional photography for your rental home?

You’ve heard the saying that a photo can speak a thousand words, and this is definitely the case for your rental home. Professional photography can work wonders for properties. In this blog, we’re answering the question, what are the benefits of professional photography for your rental home?

Why should I have professional photos taken of my rental property?

Increase property value

Having professional photographs taken of your property helps to increase the perceived value of it. This means that you may find that prospective tenants are willing to pay more to live there. Read our blog on how to increase the value of your rental property.

Generate more interest with tenants

When a property goes on the rental market, you’ll need to have enquiries coming in. Having professional photography on the property listing helps to increase the interest with potential tenants and therefore keeps enquiries coming in.

A great first impression & builds trust

Professional photos are sure to make your property look great. After all, photographers know the best ways to show your property in its best light. These photos will help to make a great first impression with tenants and will also help to build trust.

Enhances your brand/company image

It’s important to build a professional image that helps to showcase properties in an attractive and stylish way. Not only will this attract good tenants and raise the value of properties, but it can also lead to more investors and developers wanting to work with you due to the high standard of marketing presented.

What photography services do Intus Lettings offer?

When it comes to landlord services, we offer the full package. We can support you with tenant checks, tenancy agreements, furniture packages and more. Professional photography is another popular property management service that we offer. We’ll let you know a little more about our services.

Professional photos

Professional photographs can be taken of each room in your property. We can work with the space you have and find the best angles. This will help to generate interest in your property.

360 degree tours

We can also offer 360 degree tours so that potential tenants can have a good look around the property in their own time and at their own pace. These tours can really help to generate interest in your property.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are an important part of your property listing. Having a floor plan available for potential tenants to see helps to increase the chances of people who are genuinely interested viewing the property. It gives prospective tenants a better idea of what to expect from the property.

Video Tours

Professional video tours are a great way to show tenants how the property is laid out and even how it can be organised. It can be useful to share videos of furnished properties for this reason. However, video tours of empty properties can also be useful as prospective tenants can see how much space they have for their own furniture.

CGI Furniture

Don’t worry if your property is completely empty, as we also have photographers on hand who can CGI furniture into a room. Below are some examples of this CGI service in practice. It has many benefits for landlords and tenants.

Drone footage

Drone footage is great for larger properties with outdoor space. They can also be useful for apartment buildings to showcase where the rental property is.

Virtual tours

Having a virtual tour available helps to make the property viewing process more accessible. The tour can help to reduce the number of people viewing the property who may not actually be interested. This means you’ll have more people interested who already have an idea of what the property has to offer.

Do you need support with managing your property? Then get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with a range of property management services.

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