Best interior design tips from the internet

Best interior design tips from the internet

As we approach winter we all know that we’ll be spending more time in our houses and, as such, we’ll be looking potentially at trying to freshen up our living spaces with some seasonal changes.

We also know that as prices go up for other essentials we need to find ways to save money where we can, but who’s to say that the best interior design tips have to be the most expensive?

In a lot of walks of life, expensive doesn’t always equal quality, and we’re going to talk you through some of the best low-cost tips and hacks we’ve seen across the likes of Pinterest, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Of course, it always makes sense to be clear with your landlord or agents what you are and aren’t allowed to do to a rental property beforehand!

Our favourite interior design tips from the internet:

Create a small cabinet for keys and essentials

One of the most common causes of unnecessary mess and frustration is house and car keys that are left all over the place or make your kitchen look messy.

You can find a lot of small cabinets or units that can be fixed to a wall either in a safe place in your kitchen or within a safe distance from your front door in a porch area.

A simple and basic colour with a classic handle design is best, it’ll mean it’s not taking up too much attention and will prevent the space from appearing smaller.

Old items make good flower pots

It may sound a bit obvious, or perhaps a bit like one of those terrible tips from ‘Take a Break’, but if you have a decent eye then old household items can make attractive and quirky flower pots.

A good example is teapots, old bottles that have a nice or unique design, or small buckets. Whether you have these lying around the house or you find one in a charity shop, you can even paint and personalise them.

It’s all about bringing a bit of light and colour to the Autumn and winter months without spending a fortune.

There’s room for creativity with curtains

Curtains can be a tricky one and are very personal with regard to your taste, but they can also really make a room and become a centrepiece, especially if you have large windows that dominate your room.

Firstly, rather than drilling in your curtain rail holders or making a huge commitment, it could be much easier to use command strips or less invasive adhesives.

Secondly, why not be creative? Old duvet covers, old materials or materials that you can purchase at charity shops or online could make amazing curtains if you know what you’re doing with a needle and string and some scissors.

Of course, the beauty of taking these projects on is that there’s an entire online community that provides free tutorials and advice.

If instead of redecorating you’re looking at moving home soon and want some advice on your next place, why not get in touch?

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