Our top tips for renters

Our top tips for renters

Renting can be fantastic for a number of reasons. It offers plenty of freedom and flexibility as well as no obligation to pay for maintenance on the property in the same way as you would if you owned.

If you’re a first-time renter, or even if you’re a seasoned renter, there are always ways to improve your experience if you’re willing to listen to advice.

More recently, the demand for rental property has exploded following the lifting of restrictions from the pandemic. Anecdotally, there’s been a huge drive in demand as many younger people look to leave their parents’ home or shared properties with friends.

It’s understandable that having been restricted to spending most of their time at home, many people would be looking for more space either in the form of a larger property, or a property that they can call their own.

So, as we see many more enquiries coming in from younger first-time renters, we decided to put some tips together to help you on that first rung of the ladder.

Financial health check

It may seem obvious but running your own house can be more expensive than you realise. You need to remember that the bills you’ll need to cover include council tax, rent, gas and electric, broadband, food and water, amongst other things.

If you’re looking at a property, don’t just look at the rental price – you need to consider the other financial implications. Research what band these properties are in and what the council tax is, research how much the average gas and electric bill is for a property of that size and do the maths before committing.


Before searching for your new property, consider what’s important to you.

Is parking important to you? What about good transport links into an urban centre? Do you need strong broadband speeds if you’re going to be working from home?

It makes sense to put together a list of priorities and rank them in terms of importance, and it’s something you can also discuss with a letting agent so that they can start to build a profile of what you’re looking for.

Choose a good letting agent

Again, it seems obvious, but you need to ensure you’re dealing with somebody that you can trust and that knows what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t make sense for you to deal with an agent that’s going to recommend you unsuitable properties for the sake of getting a let agreed, you need somebody reputable, approachable and professional.

Know what you’re responsible for

Different properties and different landlords will have different expectations of you. For example, some may charge a maintenance fee for things such as window cleaners and gardeners.

Another thing to ensure is that you get renters insurance, or at least contents insurance. You should also check over the inventory carefully and understand what you’re responsible for, as well as making sure that your deposit is protected by a recognised scheme.

Most of all, however, make sure you speak to somebody soon if you’re thinking about moving as properties are being taken off the market remarkably quickly!

Here at Intus, we have homes of every type available across the country, whether you’re looking for a three-bedroom house in the suburbs or a stylish inner-city apartment, your next home might be right here. Get in touch today.

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