Renting? Here are our top tips for your garden for the summer

Renting? Here are our top tips for your garden for the summer

With the explosion in demand for private rented properties during, and following, the pandemic, it’s meant that many people are moving out and looking for more space.

What we’ve found is that people who may not have been planning to move out into rented accommodation before the pandemic have realised that, throughout restrictions and lockdowns, they’ve quickly readjusted their priorities towards housing, socialising, and enjoying their reclaimed freedom.

For those already renting this has appeared to be the case, too, whereby they may not have been planning to move home previously, however, the reality of spending so much time indoors during 2020 has meant that they’re willing to spend a bit more on some extra space.

One of the most popular features that we’ve found customers looking for, however, is a garden. Not necessarily a large garden, either, but some green space in and around your house or apartment can make all the difference.

Similarly, if you’re in an apartment with a balcony for example, this can still apply to you as you’re able to do a lot with a surprisingly small amount of space. We’ve put together our top tips for renters to spruce up their garden space ready for the summer.

Utilise the height

What we mean by this is that walls, fences, garages, and other blank high spaces can make excellent places to grow a wall garden by introducing some creeping plants or flowers.

It’s a trend that’s also contemporary too, in the sense that a well maintained wall garden will never look garish or tacky.

Create separate spaces

Try and introduce features that separate the space into smaller areas. Things like a wooden arch, bamboo screen or a trellis can break things up and will make spaces feel bigger.

You can, for example, even with a small space, build borders and plant different types of flowers with different colours to give the appearance of a bigger overall space.

Bright colours and wildlife

If you’re looking to introduce pot plants, planters or beds then try and pick flowers that are going to bloom with fantastic bright colours.

This will have the duel effect of making your garden seem bigger and brighter, but also, it’ll attract lovely wildlife with a hub of activity.

You can even add other wildlife features like a bird feeder, insect hotel or a feeding station to encourage more wildlife into your garden, this will make your garden busier and make it seem bigger.

Speak to us

If you’re thinking about moving or looking for some more space ready for the summer then a top tip is to get in touch early, as most properties coming to market now are being snapped up quickly.

If you’re able to get in touch and get your name into our database then it makes it much easier for us to take down what you’re looking for and get in touch with you when we’ve got properties coming to the market.

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