Should I move to Sheffield in 2022?

Should I move to Sheffield in 2022?

We deal with a lot of landlords and tenants in and around Sheffield, and we often get the question, should I move to Sheffield?

The city can’t really be considered up and coming, nor cool and under the radar anymore considering the home of the Arctic Monkeys – otherwise known as the Steel City – is considered one of the best places to live in the UK.

Sheffield has grown in population to a massive 741,000, increasing roughly 1% every year as more and more people decide to make the move to a city that offers excellent nightlife, great transport links to the rest of the north, and a fantastic standard of living.

With a large student population and a quickly growing local economy, many people have decided to move up north and settle here. Wages, earnings and income are growing here whilst the relative cost of living compared to other major cities is low, so the attraction to move to Sheffield is clear.

Moving to Sheffield

A few interesting facts about Sheffield according to iNews, around a third of the city is actually within the Peak District national park, the only city in the UK to be part of a national park.

If you enjoy leafy walks and being part of nature then you’ll be glad to hear that Sheffield has a staggering four trees for every single person, a total of two million trees, which is the highest ratio in Europe.

Sheffield is also a very old city. The city area has been inhabited by humans since 9000bc and the history of the city goes back millennia.

These are all good reasons to live in Sheffield, but quite aside from that the city region is thriving with culture, talent and wealth. According to Core Cities, “England’s fourth largest city, with a population of over 569,000 and an economy worth over £11.3bn, Sheffield’s economy is a driving force for a City Region of over 1.8m people. An international city, with two world-class universities and over 60,000 students, Sheffield competes on a global stage, attracting talented people, inward investors, major events and tourists.

Sheffield is home to a growing collective of creative businesses and is quickly developing a reputation for innovation and quality with specialist clusters forming sector-specific hubs in the city. There is also a thriving creative and cultural scene throughout the city, from independent art galleries and ‘underground’ music venues to world-renowned bands with significant influence in the UK’s music scene.”

Speak to the experts

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Sheffield, or you’d like some more information about the types of property you might be able to afford for your budget then reach out to the experts today.

We’ve got years of experience helping tenants to find their dream home and we only work with reputable and properly vetted landlords, so you know you’ll only be offered quality properties.

If you’ve been thinking about moving then why not get in touch today and see how we can help you?

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