Should I move to Sheffield?

Should I move to Sheffield?

It’s a question that many have been asking themselves recently, as the city sees huge amounts of people considering the move to Sheffield for the culture, nightlife, music and numerous other reasons, including work.

Very much a bustling and successful metropolis, it’s one of Yorkshire’s brightest places to live and much of its industrial history is evident across Sheffield, with a lot of its architecture and aesthetics paying tribute to the steel city’s history.

Very much a central feature of George Osborne’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ strategy from 2014, Sheffield is part of a wider cluster of cities around the north of England that are becoming increasingly desirable areas to live, not just because of the huge amount of regeneration being undertaken, but because the local economy offers well paying jobs, a fantastic as well as great places to live.

Here we’ll answer the question – should you move to Sheffield?

Local house prices

If you’re a renter then you may well be considering buying in the future, and despite Sheffield house prices rising quickly, it remains a very reasonable area in which to consider buying a house.

Whilst house prices in the city and surrounding area grew by nearly 8% over the past 2 years, this is quite modest in comparison to areas such as Manchester where prices grew by nearly 20% in the same period.

Furthermore, Sheffield is one of the most affordable places to rent in the UK, according to the Yorkshire Post, which said “The data revealed that all of the most affordable and attractive cities were in the north of England with Hull taking the prize, followed closely by Sheffield. The average single person in Hull had £1,412.30 left to spare, while a single person in Sheffield had £1,334.45 left over. Sunderland and Middlesbrough also made the list, but another Yorkshire city, Bradford, came in at 5.

Sheffield is certainly an attractive city, in terms of cost. This has become increasingly brazen as petrol and diesel prices rocket across the UK, and in some places nearing touching £2 per litre.”

In terms of cost of living, this has certainly become a priority for most this year as the fuel crisis, the energy crisis and inflation have squeezed everybody’s pockets.

Whilst average wages in the city are also good, and rising, the cost of living isn’t rising as quickly as other areas, and rents have a huge influence on that.

Whilst property prices and rents remain very reasonable, this will have a huge bearing on how affordable it is to move to Sheffield, work within the city and, ultimately, how attractive it is to move there too.

With a number of excellent properties to rent in the city and surrounding areas, take a look at what we have available and if you want more information get in touch today.

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