Should you try short term renting?

Should you try short term renting?

Is short term renting something to consider? It might sound like an odd question as most people look for longer term lets when they’re renting property, but it’s something worth touching upon.

Stability when renting property is definitely desirable for those with families or children, but it’s not always necessarily the preferred or default position of those moving in the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

Following the pandemic, most areas across the country have seen unprecedented demand for rental property, and certainly for property that’s spacious or has a garden.

That seems to have evened out a little now further towards pre-pandemic conditions, with many workers now looking to return to city living, as well as younger renters keen for a living experience in a more urban centre.

As life returns to cities and towns, an increasing number of people are looking to rent their own property, and as the pandemic restrictions are lifted there is more demand than ever.

The answer to the question ‘is shorter term renting better?’ will depend very much on your circumstances. As we’ve already pointed out, those with families and children almost always prefer longer term secure renting conditions, however, there are certainly renters out there keen for more flexible conditions.

Is shorter term renting better?

In a piece for the Evening Standard, Ruth Bloomfield covered the story of the Ramsays, who decided to move out of London and decided to rent short term in order to find their ideal place to live before saving for a property deposit.

Covered in the article, “All was well until 2018 when the family went on a staycation to the Cotswolds during the February bank holiday.

“It just set something off in us,” said Claire. “We just really loved being out in the countryside and we started to question where we were living.”

The Ramsays went on to rent three properties in different areas on short-term leases before settling eventually in the area where they now live longer term.

This story is becoming more common for those who are emerging from the pandemic and looking for new surroundings or have shifted their priorities when looking for somewhere to live, whether that’s for more space, because they’ve had children or even as part of the huge surge in renters looking for pet friendly accommodation.

With so much competition in the market right now, we’re seeing more and more clients approach us earlier in the process to let us know what they’re looking for so that we can let them know exactly when these types of property come on the market.

If you’re looking at moving in the near future, then we can help with either short term or long term rents. We have exclusive relationships with a number of landlords and speaking to an agent about what you’re looking for can increase your chances of finding the type of property you need.

If you’re thinking about moving then it makes sense to get in touch as early as possible before your current lease ends, and our specialists can help you find the perfect property for your needs.

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