The best places to rent in the UK

The best places to rent in the UK

Summer has finally arrived and it proves a particularly popular time for people to decide to move house whilst the weather is good, begging the question of where are the best places to rent in the UK?

The rental market is soaring right now, so you’d be forgiven for finding it all a little stressful looking for rental property whilst the supply and demand is so uneven, and you’re not alone.

The economy is currently what might be charitably described as ‘a little choppy‘. With the cost of living crisis, the fuel price crisis, inflation and issues with the war in Ukraine, many are now actively looking for ways to save money and manage their finances across a difficult year.

We often take enquiries from clients regarding areas that they can rent where the cost may be a little less, but where there are still good transport links, good schools and the other features that they’re used to.

With this in mind, we’ve used new data and the latest reporting to let you know the most expensive and cheapest places to rent across the UK and help you find the best places to rent to suit your needs!

In terms of the cheapest places to rent, you won’t be surprised to hear that most of them are around the north of England and the Midlands.

Cheapest places to rent in the UK

According to The Week, of the best places to rent, Stoke-on-Trent comes in at number one, with average rents at just £489 per month. Second is Bradford at £537, and Sunderland is third at £568 average monthly rent.

These areas represent great value and are, in many senses, good examples of areas of the country that you may not have considered but which are very much up and coming.

The rest of the list are:

4. Blackpool – £571
5. Doncaster – £575
6. Wigan – £578
7. Derby – £627
8. Dundee – £636
9. Swansea – £657
10. Aberdeen – £661

It goes some way to highlighting that there can be fantastic value in areas that you may have failed to consider previously. We specialise in helping our clients find rental homes across the midlands and north west of England, and it’s obvious why we’re seeing so much interest recently.

If you live in some of the more expensive areas of the country, then it could well be worth considering a move. Many have now moved towards the north west, for example, following the pandemic now that hybrid and home working is very much an option for people that now don’t need to commute directly to work five days a week or more.

The most expensive areas according to the same data are:

1. London – £2,100
2. Brighton – £1,403
3. Oxford – £1,374
4. Cambridge – £1,326
5. Reading – £1,186
6. Poole – £1,181
7. Bristol – £1,135
8. Edinburgh – 1,053
9. Milton Keynes – £1,041
10. Manchester – £969

If you’re considering a move then why not get in touch with us to see what’s available? We have homes of all shapes and sizes across the UK, whether you’re looking for a three-bedroom house in the suburbs or a stylish inner-city apartment, your next home might be right here.

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