What are renters looking for in a property?

What are renters looking for in a property?

Zoopla has revealed what it is that tenants are looking for in rental accommodation in different regions throughout Great Britain by analyzing the data coming through from its keyword property search tool.

On a nationwide level, parking appeared consistently at the top of the list in almost all regions, barring North East England, Scotland and Wales. This should come as no surprise when the average British motorist is said to be spending around 91 hours a year trying to find a parking spaces, according to research done by the British Parking Association.

Annabel Dixon, a spokesperson for Zoopla, reiterated the importance of parking for potential tenants: “While this may not be the most exciting feature of a home, our research clearly shows that landlords can make their property a lot more attractive by creating or enhancing existing parking. Whether they re-landscape their garden to include a driveway or apply to drop the kerb outside their house, these changes could pay dividends”.

Other popular search terms that consistently appeared throughout the country included properties with a garage and properties that are furnished. Rental accommodation that allowed pets were also in high demand and the search term has jumped up in popularity from fifth to third in the last year. The term appeared within the top three search terms of every region in the UK.

Three-bedroom houses were the most sought, possibly because this kind of property is the most suitable for a wide variety of tenants, from young families looking for space to grow to downsizers that still want ample room for guests. The only region where three-bedroom houses didn’t reach the top of the list was in the capital, where two-bedroom flats were the most popular.

On a regional level, Zoopla found that London tenants wanted the most luxurious amenities in their rental properties, with the words ‘gym’ and ‘ensuite’ appearing in the top ten. Meanwhile, tenants north of the border were a lot less demanding in their requirements, with ‘dishwasher’ being the one of the most-searched terms in Scotland.

Tenants in the North of England and the South West wanted to be in easy access to the great outdoors. The terms ‘rural’ and ‘cottage’ were popular in the North East and the South West, whereas tenants in the North West wanted outdoor space, with both ‘balcony’ and ‘garden’ appearing in the top ten most searched terms in that region.

Dixon highlighted how intriguing the data is: “From gyms to balconies, right through to dishwashers, it is fascinating to see how the requirements of renters differ across all regions of Great Britain. With Londoners paying a premium in rent, it makes sense that these tenants are focused on high quality amenities and luxury features; whilst renters in more rural locations are looking for properties that make the most of their countryside settings”.

We can definitely agree that the variations of what tenants desire in each region is compelling. It’s also a fantastic insight for those who are looking to rent out their property. It’ll be equally interesting to see if potential tenants throughout the country agree with these findings.

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