What are your kids looking for in a property?

What are your kids looking for in a property?

If you’re currently on the search for a new property then chances are you will probably have more than a few people’s needs to consider, whether they be of your partner, the children or perhaps even the dog. In the age of the internet it’s easy to find instant access to hundreds if not thousands of rental properties within your ideal area, but without a reliable agent how easy is it to find your dream property without wasting your time? And how can you be sure you’re looking at properties that will keep the whole family happy?

Finding a good letting agent should always be your first priority. London estate agents Chestertons have helpfully produced a poll showing what adults rank as their priorities in a new property in comparison to what the kids want. They surveyed 3,000 parents, all of whom had at least one child aged between five and ten years old, and were on the hunt for a new place to live. It certainly makes for interesting reading.

The poll showed that parents’ top five priorities for a new property are:

  1. Good location (Near good schools, etc.) – 47%
  2. Spacious living room – 35%
  3. Original features e.g. fireplace, tiled flooring – 22%
  4. Off road parking – 18%
  5. Garage – 14%

The results are perhaps not too surprising considering the property market is currently offering a wealth of choices to renters with many new apartment developments offering at least four of the five top priorities for families, couples and individuals alike.

Moving in to slightly less realistic territory are the kid’s priorities. Consideration should go also to just how well the kids understand the current market as when asked what they thought a three bedroom house would cost, they responded with an average of £3,000. If only. When the under tens were also approached about what age they thought they’d be when they bought their first property they said 19, which is very ambitious.

The children’s top priorities for their new home were:

  1. Tree house/potential to build a tree house – 51%
  2. Swimming pool – 43%
  3. At least three good hiding places – 28%
  4. Room for pets – 24%
  5. Large bedrooms – 16%

In a realistic rental market, the top two are perhaps a little out of reach for most home hunters but we particularly liked the requirement for at least three hiding places, as if having only two would be simply unacceptable.

Whilst not impossible to find a property which ticks all of the boxes above it would certainly be difficult to find whilst looking by yourself so it may be of interest to instruct your agent to start searching for your dream tree house with a pool.

In a world full of choice it is certainly a challenge to find your perfect property regardless of your marital status. The property market is full of value but can also be fraught with danger if you’re unsure of the processes and red flags to pay attention to. You might not be in danger of being promised a pool and getting a tree house instead but there are certainly safety issues, landlord reputation and reasonable rental prices to take in to consideration.

Whether you’re looking for a new place to live just for you, you and a partner or your family, it’s certain that everybody is going to have their own priorities. A good management company may not be able to find you your child’s dream house but it’s their job to find you the perfect property so it makes sense to accept their help in your search for your dream home.

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