What to look for when viewing a rental property

What to look for when viewing a rental property

So, you’re moving into a new rental property? Perhaps this is your first time or you’ve moved lots before, either way, we’re here to help! In this blog, we’re letting you know what to look for when viewing a rental property. 

It can help to take a friend or family member with you to the rental property viewing for a second opinion. You’ll likely be shown around by a letting agent. 


The location is definitely one of the most important things to look for when moving properties. Is it close to the amenities you need? How far is the local supermarket and is it close to transport links? 

You’ll need to make sure that the home is in a safe area. It can help to have a walk around the local area before or after the viewing so you can get a feel for it. Check for busy roads or the property being close to noise disturbances. 


Security is a very important thing to look for when viewing a property. Make sure that all door and window locks work. Ensure that you feel safe at the property before you sign a rental agreement. 

Check the property’s exterior, front door security and window frames. 


Parking may not be an issue if you don’t have a car but it might be useful for when guests come to visit. The property may have a drive, on-street parking or even a garage. You may be required to obtain a parking permit. 


A garden can be a great addition to a rental home. Make sure to check that the garden is secure so that you feel safe. You may be expected to maintain the garden while living in the property, so double check this with your landlord. 

Heating & Windows 

Check what type of heating system is being used throughout the property. You will also need to ensure that it all works efficiently, or this will need to be repaired. 

To reduce your property running costs, check what type of glazing has been used. Single glazed windows are likely to leave the home feeling cooler. Since 2002, all newly built houses need to have double glazing.


Establish how much storage space there is in the property. The more storage, the better. After all, you’ll always need it! In addition to storage, take a look at how many kitchen cupboards and drawers there are. It can be difficult to live somewhere that’s lacking extra space. 

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Every property has an EPC rating. The law stipulates that all rental properties need to be rated at least E or above on the scale. The latest guidance is that all homes on the rental market will need an EPC rating of at least C by 2028. 

Appliances working order

Check that all of the appliances provided are in good working order. These may include washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen appliances and more. You’ll also need to ensure that the landlord has a gas safety certificate for all gas appliances in the home. 

You’ll also need to consider the alarm systems, such as carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms. There may also be a burglar alarm. 

Check that you can get hot water in the property and that there is good water pressure. If the property is furnished, check the condition of the items. 


Check for the signs of damp and mould – this needs to be reported correctly. Look out for flaking paint too. Read our blog on the latest guidance for damp and mould in rental properties. 

Rental costs, deposit & bills

Be sure to ask about the rental costs and when it will be collected. This must be outlined in your tenancy agreement. Find out how much the security and holding deposit will be for the property and if any bills are included, such as council tax bills. Some prospective tenants like to ask the current occupier about the average running costs of a property, but this may not be possible. Check that you can get a good internet connection.  

Read our blog on what to consider when moving properties for a range of top tips. We hope this blog has been helpful on what to look for when viewing a rental property. Contact us if you’re a tenant looking for advice or somewhere to call home. We can support you with the moving process and provide rental property tips. 

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