Where to rent? Liverpool

Where to rent? Liverpool

In this series, we’re exploring some of our favourite rental hotspots. This week we’ve taken a look at Liverpool and everything it has to offer for potential renters, from rent prices to things to do and more.

Liverpool is one of the most popular cities in the world. It’s right by the water, has a fantastic modern city centre and is the home of the greatest band of all time – The Beatles. The city itself has experienced considerable economic growth in recent years and continues to be an extremely appealing city to move to.


The average rent for living in Liverpool is currently at £792pcm – below the national average of £967pcm. If you’re looking for a one-bedroom property, the average rent would be £514pcm. Moving up in size, a two-bedroom comes it at £654pcm and a three-bedroom at £764pcm. The city has a variety of attractive areas to live – each offering a unique experience for residents – meaning there is something for everyone.

One of the most popular areas in Liverpool is the Baltic Triangle. The area has an abundance of independent cafes, restaurants, bars and creative business all on
the edge of Liverpool’s traditional city centre – including the Baltic Market. Liverpool’s first street market, the Baltic Market is packed full of independent food vendors – offering a taste of the city’s ever-growing indie food scene. For potential residents, the Baltic Triangle offers a mix of historical and modern living throughout the area, eliminating the need to choose between the two.

If living in the city centre isn’t for you, Liverpool also offers a multitude of suburbs and districts outside of the centre itself. Some of the most popular include Wavertree, Anfield and Edge Hill. All offer much more green space than the centre, whilst still having a wide range of amenities such as shops, restaurants and schools.

Getting around

Liverpool is one of the easiest cities when it comes to both getting there and getting around. With numerous train stations in the centre alone there are multiple routes available to get to the city, including direct lines from London, Manchester and Birmingham. Alongside the external routes, you can use these train lines to make your way around the centre itself. In addition to the trains there are a number of bus routes connecting the suburbs and districts with the city centre, making it extremely accessible for all.

With such a compact city centre, Liverpool offers a number of alternatives to using public transport. In the majority of areas in the centre there will be numerous amenities within walking distance, and for longer distance where walking isn’t applicable it is extremely easy to get around on a bike, with cycle parking nearby most venues.

Things to do

The list of things to do in Liverpool is endless, with the city considered as one of the most vibrant in the country. One of the most popular activities in the city is to go out for food and drink. Liverpool has a rich selection of well renowned eateries, with city favourites including Panoramic 34, Mattou, Mowgli and the aforementioned Baltic Market. Another prime location to visit in Liverpool is the iconic Royal Albert Dock. Just a 20-minute walk from Lime Street Station, the Docks offer any visitor a plethora of independent shops and cafes to take a look round, as well as phenomenal views along the waterfront.

Shopping and dining out isn’t for everybody, but how about a show? Liverpool is home to the Empire theatre and the M&S Bank Arena, meaning shows are available all year round. With classics such as Les Misérables and Phantom of the Opera both showing in the past at the Empire, and the Arena hosting musical legends such as Beyoncé and Oasis to name a few, you can be sure to find a show that suits you.

Another massive attraction in Liverpool is the football. Liverpool is the home to both Liverpool FC and Everton FC, two of English footballs most recognizable teams.Throughout the football season you can catch both teams play at their respective stadiums, Anfield and Goodison Park.

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