Why you should be excited for Christmas!

Why you should be excited for Christmas!

After a long, long year, we’ve finally managed to make it to the festive period once again and with December comes the time when it’s officially okay to get excited about Christmas!

It’s been a bit of a year really, hasn’t it? 2022 was our first full year out of Covid restrictions; a year of almost unprecedented political upheaval and economic turbulence. In the end, doing a year in review may take longer than we really have time for.

With that in mind, we thought we’d look to more positive things and give you a list of our main reasons why you should be excited for Christmas this year!

Reasons why you should be excited for Christmas!

Christmas Markets

It’s really easy to feel sceptical about Christmas markets around this time of year. Still, there’s nothing more magical than the sight of thousands of lights and stalls around the city centre serving hot and cold drinks as well as unique artisan gifts.

Whilst more of a German invention, there’s still something irreplaceable about the magic of walking around with your family, friends or loved ones in that sort of scenery.

If you’re a Christmas fan then you’ll be joining millions across the country in making it one of their favourite traditions.

Eating and drinking

Now is the time when it’s the most acceptable to eat and drink whatever you want apart from, perhaps, a holiday.

It really doesn’t happen that often that you’re able to eat and drink like this judgment-free, so why on earth shouldn’t you polish off as many mince pies as you want? Why not go through an entire tub of Quality Street? And why not just finish off the bottle of Baileys?

Kids love it

Whether you have kids yourself, or your friends or family do, there’s absolutely no denying just how magical it is watching kids experience Christmas.

You don’t need a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate to warm your heart when you see the pure innocence and wonder on a child’s face at the thought of Christmas, presents, time with their family and festive treats.

If you’re ever feeling like a scrooge then all you really need is to be able to picture the kids across the world waking up on Christmas morning, full of excitement!

The festive party season

This period really is an elite time of year to get out and party, because everybody’s out and everybody wants to dance.

Whether it’s a work party, with friends or when you’re heading home for Christmas to settle in at the local. You know that everybody’s finishing up work for the year and heading out to see each other and there really isn’t a better time of the year to get out and see everybody.

There are just a few reasons why you should be excited for Christmas this year, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s a time to get your best clothes on, dance and have fun, so make sure you make the most of it and recognise that it’s been a hard few years before this, so let’s all make the most of it!

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