Will hydrogen be key to a greener home?

Will hydrogen be key to a greener home?

The focus on having a greener home is no surprise if you consider that, when polled on the things that most Brits feel like are the highest priorities for our future, climate change and reducing our carbon footprint very often rank quite highly.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t been a priority for some time now, but we’re all aware that time is of the essence with climate change and that more action is needed now to try and neutralise our impact on the environment.

The government has, in all fairness, put in quite a few incentives for house builders, landlords, tenants and homeowners to make their homes more environmentally friendly with tax cuts and funding for things like solar panels, better insulation and smart meters to monitor energy usage, with an eye to a reduction in consumption.

In fact, there were green measures announced by the chancellor in this week’s spring statement. According to the text of the document, “To help households improve energy efficiency and keep energy costs down – as well as supporting the UK’s long-term Net Zero ambitions – the government is extending the VAT relief available for the installation of energy saving materials (ESMs)”. This includes solar panels.

There are other, potentially game changing technologies now emerging, such as hydrogen. Will this be the next step towards net zero?

A greener home with hydrogen

An article on the BBC website reported that a trial is taking place in Scotland, in Buckhaven, and Methil, in the area of Levenmouth that will test the potential of hydrogen power in the home.

According to the article “about 300 homes will be powered by green hydrogen gas in a project called H100. Customers will be offered free hydrogen-ready boilers and cookers in the scheme, which will initially last five and a half years.

For the first time in its history, the National Grid (NG) plans to use something other than natural gas in its distribution network and start blending hydrogen with natural gas in the next three years.”

The project marks an exciting milestone in trying to make homes and businesses more energy efficient in the long run, to reduce our environmental impact.

Energy efficiency in rental housing

Not only is energy efficiency good for the environment, in the current climate of very high energy bills it also has a demonstrable impact on our pockets and our disposable income.

We work with a number of landlords and companies that put green incentives at the forefront of their properties and we always talk to our clients and potential tenants about the energy efficiency in the properties that we let.

If you’re looking to move house soon and energy efficiency is key to the features you’re looking for in a rental home, why not get in touch?

Our experienced lettings specialists can help you find not only the perfect home for you or family, but a home that will help you feel reassured that you’re doing your part towards protecting the environment.

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