5 cheap ways to improve your garden

5 cheap ways to improve your garden

It’s summer, and as the temperature heats up (we’re expecting another heatwave) you may be looking for cheap ways to improve your garden.

With the cost of living crisis, inflation and a possible recession, most people are now considering the best ways to save money. We know that for many of our clients who rent, many of them love to spend time in their garden.

Gardening can be exceptionally expensive if you shop at garden centres or look to buy furniture from many of the high street retailers.

So we’ve decided to give you our top 5 tips on how to improve your garden, whilst on a budget!

1. Upcycling is your friend

The first of our 5 cheap ways to improve your garden is upcycling! Items around the house that have lost their use needn’t be thrown away and instead can be upcycled into garden items. Things such as paint pots, old drawers or anything you care to be creative with. You can make really unique garden features for plants or gardening tools, for example.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, have a little look around the house to see what you’ve been considering throwing away. With a bit of paint and love, most items can be repurposed.

2. Make some gardening friends

One of the best cheap ways to improve your garden is with plants! Plants can be expensive, and there are many times that flowers that you really like can come in overly large planters – which certainly adds to the bill.

If you know somebody else that wants to improve their garden too then why not see if they’ll split the cost with you? Alternatively, if they have plants or flowers in their garden that you like the look of then why not arrange a plant swap?

3. Try supermarkets and budget stores to improve your garden

If you’re looking for cheaper plants, pots or garden furniture then you’re much likelier to find a bargain by looking in supermarkets.

Tesco, for example, now offer a wide range of budget plants and flowers, as well as pots and furniture. Alternatively, budget stores B&Ms and Home Bargains have tons of cheap garden products that can improve your garden but won’t annihilate your bank account.

4. Fruit and veg is rewarding

If you’re looking for a challenge, want pretty plants and a way to cut your bills then why not grow some of your own food?

Starting off easy with things like strawberry plants is an excellent and inexpensive idea. Carrots, beans and potatoes are also fairly easy for a novice, as well as saving you a bit of money on your shopping bill.

5. Consider your space to improve your garden

Ultimately, you need to ensure that you’re catering your plans according to the space you have available. Climbing or hanging plants may be a way to inject colour without reducing your available space and helping to improve your garden.

So there we have it, here are our 5 cheap ways to improve your garden! If you’re renting and you’re really keen on a larger garden or larger space for your plans, then why not get in touch with us today? We can help you with what you’re looking for!

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