Good news for tenants

Good news for tenants

It may not feel at times as though there’s much good news for tenants. The news appears to be constantly pushing depressing stories our way to tell us all how horrendous things are.

There are stories or things that are happening that tenants have perhaps been unaware of, all of which suggest that there is indeed good news for tenants on the horizon.

One of the main things you’ll notice about being a renter is that a lot of the media coverage of renting is overwhelmingly negative when, in fact, many people find renting a hugely positive experience.

Renting allows much more flexibility to be able to move at relatively short notice. It means that it’s much easier to move around according to your circumstances, and also you’re not involved in the lengthy process of property chains or solicitors.

Furthermore, you’re not responsible for the vast majority of the maintenance of the house so if, for example, the boiler breaks down then it’s not your responsibility to fix or maintain it, thus also saving you the cost of these repairs.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the recent good news for tenants:

Rental reform is being implemented

As reported by The Shelter blog, an open platform to discuss housing policy, campaigns, and the latest research, there are more rental reforms coming for private renters which means you’re more protected than ever if you’re in privately rented accommodation.

As written in the blog post, “These are major wins, and a direct result of tireless campaigning from renters and organisations across the country. And while these big wins will be taking centre stage, there’s a whole host of other exciting policy announcements which are good news for tenants

The White Paper is a whopping 86 pages long, and it’s packed with policy proposals that promise to level the playing field between landlord and tenant and make the private rented sector a fairer place to live.”

It means that whilst good landlords will not need to worry, it makes it more difficult for bad landlords to mistreat or not be fair to you.

Government help is coming, which is good news for tenants

Following the government’s announcements earlier in the year that they will provide one-off payments to help with the current cost of living crisis, tenants that are most at need will receive support as part of a £37 billion government package.

Those on universal credit that qualify will get a payment of over £300 this month, and if you haven’t checked if you qualify already, now is the time to do so and you may be eligible for the next payment that will be arriving later in the year.

There’s also the £400 payment to help with energy bills that will be arriving in October, and the expectation is that whoever the next prime minister is will announce further support for households across the country.

If you want some advice on renting or are thinking about moving home, why not get in touch with us today? We have properties of all shapes and sizes across the country, so whatever it is you’re looking for, we can help!

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