5 money-saving tips for renters

5 money-saving tips for renters

With the current issues regarding the rising cost of living and energy prices, many who live in rental properties are looking for money-saving tips for renters.

The good news is, there are always plenty of ways to save money that many perhaps weren’t aware of before, so we’ve decided to list some of our best here to see you through the rest of the summer!

1. Download automatic savings apps

Apps such as Moneybox and Plum have become hugely popular over the past few years. Simply install the app to your phone or device and provide permission to access your banking app and you’re away.

These types of apps usually work by doing ’round ups’, to a certain amount. If, for example, you set the round up to £1, and pay for a coffee at £1.50, the app will round it up to £2 and put 50p away into savings.

A lot of these apps tend to invest the money for you, so it’s not always immediately accessible, but savings can quickly swell and you can find yourself with a substantial amount within a few months.

2. Purchase an energy monitor

For around £20-30, these plug-in energy monitors will track the energy use of devices such as TVs, sound bars, consoles and other things and even send you warnings or reminders as to how much energy you have used to you can be more mindful of your energy usage.

Let’s be honest, the idea of flicking every single plug off is tedious, so most don’t bother, but in terms of safety, our carbon footprint and saving money, they are a really good idea and will pay for themselves reasonably quickly thanks to the saved energy.

3. Cooking in bulk

Next time you order a takeaway keep the little plastic tubs and use them to freeze portions of meals when you’re cooking.

Making a spag bol? Rather than leaving a bit of mince in the fridge or freezer to go off, why not just cook a larger portion and freeze the rest? It means you’ve got quick, easy meals for the rest of the week and you’re not wasting food.

4. Discounted food

Are you a decent cook and able to cook with a variety of ingredients at shorter notice? There’s a website called approved food that sells food that’s past its ‘best by’ date but not has yet expired. The food is often discounted by as much as 75% off and they even offer delivery.

Alternatively, there’s an app called Olio where you can get free food by collecting excess food that others in the area have and need to get rid of rather than throwing away, it’s an excellent way to top up your cupboards for free!

5. Cashback websites

For things like broadband deals, changing insurance or a number of other shopping essentials, websites like TopCashback offer you money back or incentives to purchase products with their preferred suppliers.

They make a referral fee and share it with you. Over the course of a year, you can make hundreds of pounds extra just by using their website rather than going direct.

We hope you find these money-saving tips for renters helpful! If you’re thinking of moving into a new rental home to potentially save some money on your rent, why don’t you take a through our available properties across the UK here?

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