How to save energy at home – UK

How to save energy at home – UK

Winter is definitely on the way, which usually means more households are putting the heating on and getting cosy indoors. All of this generally leads to higher energy bills, so it’s understandable that you’d want to find ways to keep those bills down. In this blog, we’re looking into how to save energy at home. 

When it comes to being more energy efficient at home, many people don’t realise the impact that small changes can have. Most of these changes are so small that you’ll only notice the benefits.

You’ll know roughly how much electricity you use and you should stay up to date with the latest energy price cap. 

There are so many ways to reduce energy consumption at home, and we’re going to let you know just a few ways to lower those electricity bills. 

Energy saving tips

Turn down the thermostat

It’s understandable that you’d want to keep your home nice and warm during the winter months, but slightly turning down the thermostat can have great money saving benefits. The good news is that you don’t need to turn it down too much – even just one degree can lead to benefits. 

Remember the lights

It can be easy to leave the lights on by accident, but making more effort to check the lights could save you money. You should avoid leaving lights on in empty rooms. Using lamps can often help to save money. 

Additionally, it may be useful to look at the type of light bulbs you have installed. Swapping to LED bulbs could save you money. There are many energy efficient light bulbs on the market that use less energy and therefore lower your carbon footprint.

Turn electricals off 

It can be tempting to leave electricals on standby so they are ready whenever you want to use them, but it’s not a necessity. Actually, turning electricals off completely could help you to save money, and it’ll only take you a couple of seconds to turn them on and off. 

Shorten your showers 

Staying in the warm shower for longer can be very appealing in the winter, but it could be costing you a lot. By reducing your shower time by around one minute, you’ll be saving energy and money. You may even save money on your water bill too. 

Cover cold draughts 

It’s normal for a house to have colder areas, but you can reduce them. Draughts are common under doors, so why not invest in an excluder to help stop heat escaping? Draught proofing is always a good idea.

Do full loads of washing

Avoid using the washing machine for washes with minimal items in. Instead, try waiting until you have a more substantial load to wash. Make sure you are careful not to overfill the washing machine. 

Use eco settings 

Many appliances have eco settings that may take longer, but use less water and less electricity. If your appliances have eco-friendly options available, you might as well use them and save yourself some money. 

Use the kettle wisely 

It’s easy to overfill the kettle, but boiling too much water leads to higher energy bills. It may be tricky to decide how much water you actually need in the beginning, but over time, estimating the amount will get easier. 

Smart meters

Many households find it easier when using a smart meter, as it allows them to see more information regarding their energy consumption.

  • Avoid using the tumble dryer as much
  • Check the central heating system – bleed radiators to reduce trapped air
  • Swap to a more water efficient shower head
  • Ensure that your electric hob is kept clean

We hope this blog has been useful regarding how to save energy at home. These small changes can help to reduce your electricity use and lower your bills. Focusing on energy efficiency can have a very positive impact on your electricity bill. 

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